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                Welcome to the official website of Yantai Huahai International Trade Co., Ltd.


                +86 535 8200961

                • 24Year

                  Industry Experience

                • 2Million MTS

                  Total Annual Turnover

                • 3.8Million Yuan

                  Annual Sales


                • Nitrogenous Fertilizer Series

                  Nitrogen 九游会j9登录 is the variety with the largest production and use in the world. The 九游会官方下载安卓 amount of nitrogen 九游会j9登录 plays an important role in increasing crop yield and improving the quality of agricultural products....[More]

                • Phosphate Fertilizer Series

                  Rational application of phosphate 九游会j9登录 can increase crop yield, improve crop quality, promote plump seeds, improve fruit yield, increase fruit sugar and oil content of rapeseed....[More]

                • Potash Fertilizer Series

                  Potassium 九游会j9登录 can promote photosynthesis of crops, promote crop results and improve cold and disease resistance of crops, thus increasing agricultural production....[More]

                • Functional Fertilizer Series

                  To meet the different growth and development needs of different plants at different stages, such as flower and fruit preservation 九游会j9登录, root growth promotion 九游会j9登录, soil improvement 九游会j9登录 and other 九游会j9登录s with certain functions, which are integrated with a variety of functions...[More]


                Yantai Huahai International Trade Co., Ltd.

                Yantai Huahai International Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in September 1996. It is a specialized group company integrating chemical 九游会j9登录, chemical industry, international trade and domestic production and processing industry. Its main business scope is domestic production, sales and import and export business of chemical 九游会j9登录 products and 九游会j9登录 raw materials and chemical raw materials. The total annual business volume is over 2 million tons, and annual sales volume is more than 3 billion 800 million yuan.


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                Honest and trustworthy, diligent, efficient, innovative, service-oriented, win-win cooperation!